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On the graph of f(x)=3sin(2x), points P and Q are at consecutive lowest and highest points with P occuring before Q. Find the slope of the line which passes through P and Q.

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    We will start with the general case of the function sin(x).

    The minima (lowest points) of the graph of sin(x) occurs at
    x=xmin=3π/2+2kπ where k∈ℤ (i.e. k=integer)

    The maxima (highest points) of sin(x) occurs at
    x=xmax=π/2+2kπ where k∈ℤ.

    Two consecutive minimum/maximum could therefore occur at xmin=3π/2 and xmax=5π/2.

    The given function is 3sin(2x), so
    2x=3π/2, or x1= 3π/4 for minimum.
    The ordinate at this point is
    Therefore x1(3π/4,-3).
    2x=5π/2, or x2= 5π/4 for maximum.
    The ordinate at this point is
    Therefore x2(5π/4,3)

    The slope is therefore

    Check my calculations.

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