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Chem (but i think its physics)

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Ok so this problem appeared in my online chem homework, but it looks alot more like a physics problem. I have no idea how to do it

A 203 lb man eats an order of French Fries consuming 250 Cal of food energy. Afterwards he feels guilty and decides to work off the excess calories by walking up seven flights of stairs 3.0 times. (The total height of seven flights of steps is 110 ft) Calculate the energy the man has burned off by doing the exercise. Assume that work is done only when walking up the steps. Note: 1 Cal = 4.184 kJ

  • Chem (but i think its physics) -

    203lbs= 902.94N
    110ft= 33.528m
    902.94*33.528*3=90 822J
    90822J* 1Calorie/(4184J) = 21.7

  • Chem (but i think its physics) -

    I did not check the numbers, but the steps are correct.

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  • Chem (but i think its physics) -


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