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A balloon filled to its maximum capacity on a chilly night at a carnival pops without being touched when it is brought inside. Explain this event.

  • chemistry -

    gas expands when heated. If it can not expand, the pressure goes up

    P V = n R T
    as T gets big, the product PV gets big
    P is pressure, V is Volume

    n is measure of the amount of gas in there (in moles)
    R is a constant for an ideal gas

  • chemistry -

    when a gas is cooled the particles cool down and slow causing them to stop hitting the walls of the balloon so much (lowering the pressure) and when brought inside where it is warmer the molecules of gas start moving faster hitting the walls of the balloon a lot more often (increasing the pressure) which since it was filled to the max in the cold causes the balloon to pop when brought back inside because it can not withstand the increase in pressure!

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