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Please help
Initial [Fe3+] = 0.00050 M
Initial [SCN-] = 0.0010 M
Equilibrium [Fe(SCN)2+] = 5.7 x 10-5

Find [Fe3+]E and [SCN-]E (in mol/L)
Find K.

Balanced equation is:
Fe3+ + SCN- -> Fe(SCN)2+ (reversible)

I know I can get K if I have the equilibrium concentrations, but not sure how to calculate these with so little info.


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    ...........Fe^+3 + SCN^- ==> FeSCN^+2
    Wouldn't you think that if the equilibrium concn FeSCN^+2 = 5.7E-5 and it was zero initially, then 5.7E-5 M must have been used from the initial SCN^- of 1E-3 and 5.7E-5 must have been used from the initial 5E-4 of Fe^+3.
    So equilibrium concn Fe^+3 is 5E-4 - 5.7E-5 and equilibrium concn SCN^- is 1E-3 - 5.7E-5. Check for typos

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