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Statistic Question:
I want to first start out by thanking you for your help and I also want to inform you that I do not have a strong Math back ground and is taking an Accelerated program that included this class of which I do not understand a word of so I really need help with this. I have ask an statistic question before but when I got the answer back I still did not understand because I know absolutely nothing about stats. Thank You
For many years the top selling luxury car in North America was he Cadillac. It reigned from 1950 to 1998. In 2000 it sank to sixth, behind Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. Cadillac’s sales during 2000 were half those of 1978, Cadillac’s peak year. The problem is that Cadillac appears to appeal mainly o older males. Younger people seeking luxury cars shop elsewhere. Although Cadillac made $700 million in 2000, if the company doesn’t pick up sales among younger shoppers, profits will go the way of fins. To put Cadillac back on top, it is necessary to understand who is buying. A survey luxury car buyer was undertaken. The following information was gathered from random samples of recent buyers of luxury cars.
Column Luxury cars
2 Cadillac
3 Lexus
4 Lincoln
5 Mercedes –Benz
In the data set columns 1 to 5 contain the ages of the owners of the luxury cars, columns 6to 10 show their house hold incomes. And, their years of education.
Use statistic to describe the ages, household incomes, and education groups of car buyers.
Use box plots to compare the ages, house hold income, and education of the five groups of car buyers.
Write a brief report describing your findings

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    You say its rank dropped to sixth, but only name three brands above.

    In addition, you do not provide the needed data.

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