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Can you please check my sentences? In particular I need to rephrase a Beatles' song called "Help".

1) In the song "Help" the Beatles (?) regret being young and self-assured (self confident?). In the past they were more independet and didn't need anybody's help.
2)Now they (or he?) have changed their mind and they have opened up their doors.(how can I rephrase this?). Their independence seems to disappear.
3) They need someone to help them get their feet back on the ground (hoe can I rephrase this?) and cheer them up.
4) The girl in the picture is wearing
her hair tied at the back. She has a tall necklace consisting in one kilo rings on. She also wears bracelets on both wrists, ankle bracelets and knee rings. This kind of jewellery is very popular in Burma.
5)To become a Druid the young were trained for a period of up to twenty
6) The man in the picture is in his sixties. He is formally dressed with (?) a suitm shirt and tie. He wears (is wearing?) medals on his jacket (?) so I deduce he has a military history.
7) His hat is made of grass and his ears are so big that they have pulled his ears down.

  • English -

    1) spelling of independet = indpendent

    2) He ha changed his mind OR They have changed their minds OR Having changed their mind, they opened their doors.

    3) to recover, recoup

    4) tall necklace? lon, perhaps?.....consisting of

    5) up to twenty what?

    6) a suitm shirt?....dressed in a suit witha shirt and tie?
    7) WHAT has pulled his ears down?


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