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• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real.

• Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences.

• Identify all pronouns used by italicizing them.

• Bold each adverb.

• Underline each adjective.

• Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three comparatives and three superlatives.

Curtis, my children’s father and I sat down recently (adv.) to discuss our monthly finances, because the last (adj.) couple of months have been rough (adj.) for us, due to a work injury he sustained. We had to tighten our belts to make it through which was not easy. (adj.) Carefully (adv.) budgeting meals and cutting back on unnecessary spending has been challenging (adj.). He and I think differently (adv.) about the way we should manage our money. I believe utilities should be paid in a timely (adv.) manner, where if he could ask for an extension he would. His credit is poor, (adj.) mine too. Which unfortunately, (adv.) prevents us from obtaining a bank account, consumer loan, or a credit card. I told him that I am looking into different (adj.) credit repair companies to fix my credit. He said it would be a waste (adj.) of time and money. I replied angrily (adv.) “It’s my decision to make. Not yours!” I feel since (adv.) my credit score was damaged (adj.) by me, the decision is mine. Not his, whether or not to spend my money on something that in the long run will be beneficial (adj.) to the both of us as a couple.

This discussion reminds me of one I had with my father a few months past. (adj.: superlative)Although, he feels the same as Curtis does about loan consolidation companies, my dad was more respectful (adj.: comparative) of my feelings than Curtis was. Out of the two of us, I am better (adv.: comparative) at getting my point across without being offensive, but I am the worst (adj.: superlative) at standing my ground when in a heated debate. Last week for example, my sister Cheryl and I were talking about how some of the negative things on my credit report were fraudulent. She insisted that they were all my delinquent (adj.) accounts. Instead of getting into an argument with her I changed the subject. If you knew her, you would understand. She is nine years older (adj.: comparative) than I am and has always treated me like I am not the sharpest (adv. Superlative) knife in the drawer.

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    All looks good except for one thing: "past" is not a superlative. It's just an adjective, without comparative or superlative forms. (Something is either past or it isn't! There is no "more past" or "most past"!!)

    Also, I see lots of pronouns in there, but they aren't marked.

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