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Math geometry

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If ray AH bisects <GAB, find the measures of <GAH and<BAH.

<GAH is acute and <BAH is obuse.

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    Need more information.

    Recheck your problem.

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    there's a picture but i don't understand because that IS all the info that they gave me. there is no numbers, just that problem and the angle picture.

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    A line that bisects an angle divides it into two congruent parts.

    So if ray AH bisects <GAB, then
    angle GAH = angle BAH ? You are saying
    <GAH is acute and <BAH is obtuse?

    Does the problem state ray AH bisects <GAB or are your looking at a picture and YOU are making this assumption?

    Maybe a math tutor will see this problem and from their vast experience can answer this.

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    Sorry for the confusion but my bro looked at the picture and helped. It would've been easy if u could've seen the pic. Sorry again!!!!! :(

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