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Can you check if the following statements are possible please? Thank you very much.

1) After 1810 the greater part of African Americans in slavery were born in the United States.
2) White slave owners were afraid of African customs because they couldn’t understand them.
3) As a matter of fact, blacks were forced to give up their traditions, their language and even their African names.
4) They were made to accept whatever names their master imposed on them. Slave owners also banned their religion since they considered it as a combination of witchcraft and superstition.
5) They claimed that Africans were descended from (I need to replace “were descendant of”) Ham, who, as stated in the Old Testament, were cursed (?) by Noah to be servants of servants.
6)Blacks were also denied the knowledge to read and write (I need to rephrase “denied the knowledge”).
In 1860 most Southern families owned more than twenty slaves on average.
7)Plantations turned into profit-making enterprises. Masters adopted a system of rewards and punishments to keep slaves under control.
8)Slaves were needed to work in the colonies. Many of them worked on plantations, growing and harvesting sugar cane.

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    6) forbidden to read and write Looks,Ok

    Everything looks OK.


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