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a plane is one mile above sea level when it begins to climb at a constant angle of 3 degrees for the next 60 ground miles. about how far above sea level is the plane after its climb

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    You need to draw right triangle ABC.
    Angle A (vertex angle) = 3 deg
    side b (base) = 60 mi
    side c = hypotenuse
    side a (distance of climb) = unknown

    tan A = op/hyp = a/b = a/60
    tan 3 = a/60
    0.0524 = a/60
    60(0.0524) = a
    3.144 mi = a

    So the plane climbed 3.144 miles
    To find how far above sea level after the climb,

    1 mile + 3.144 miles = 4.144 miles above sea level

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