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62. "¿_____ madar en la piscina o en el mar?"
"Prefiero la piscina."
a. Quiero
b. Quieres
c. Queréis
d. Queremos
B? Not sure..

63. No _____ en la selva tropical.
a. hace calor
b. nieva
c. hace sol
d. nieve

64. Necesito ____ para mis vacaciones en la Costa del Sol.
a. una maleta y un pasaporte
b. un pasatiempo
c. el sol y la lluvia
d. sólo hace buen tiempo

65. Soy bajo, no puedo ver _______ hombre que habla con Patricia.
a. el
b. ese
c. al
d. a
Not sure...

66. Necesito una hoja de papel ____ escribir.
a. por
b. en
c. a
d. para


  • Spanish - ,

    62. Nadar not "madar". You need to fill in the question that elicited tha answer. Since the answer says "I prefer" the question must ask something about "you." b

    Mystery Chicken, in stead of continually posting more questions, I'd appreciate some feedback on what we have already done. That way I'll know you just aren't copying the correct answers and ignoring everything else? I certainly don't mind spending a lot of time with you, but I'd like to know it isn't wasted!

    63. You have picked the only answer BUT "nieve" is a noun and it must be the verb "nieva" = it doesn't snow in the jungle

    65. It requires a "personal a" and then the right number & gender = c

    (When you say "not sure" it makes me very uncomfortable that you haven't even hazarded a guess!)

    If I made no comment, that means it is "perfecto!"


  • Spanish - ,

    Thanks so much! I'll be sure to make a guess next time! (:


  • Spanish - ,

    Not just a "wild guess!" Some exams take off double points for a "wild guess." An "educated guess" is fine = such as knowing the grammar required. evem though you might not know the vocabulary! :)


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