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Math(Please check)

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During the month of February, a flu epidemic hit the University. The number of people sick at
time t (measured in days) is given by the function P(t). The rate at which the epidemic is
spreading on February 3 is 110 people per day. How is the information best represented mathematically?

my answer is P(3)=110. Is this correct or would it be P'(3)=110?

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    If time t is measured in days from the beginning of the month, P(3)=110 is correct. Since the datum of t is not mentioned, you will have to specify this in your answer.

    P'(3) is usually used to mean the rate of change (increase) of the number of infected per day, i.e. how many more per day.

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    So if though it says that the rate at which the epidemic is spreading is 110 per day that is not rate of change correct?

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    Perform the indicated operation
    -42+6-(-7)-14 is that correct

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