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A pole tilts 12 degrees from the vertical, away from the sun, casts a 34 foot long shadow on level ground. The angle of elevation from the end of the shadow to the top of the pole is 64 degrees. How long is the pole?

  • Pre-Calculus-Trig -

    Using the Law of Sines,

    L / sin64 = 34 / sin(90-12),
    L / sin64 = 34 / sin78,
    Multiply both sides by sin64:
    L = 34sin64 / sin78 = 31.2ft = Length
    of pole.

  • Pre-Calculus-Trig -

    tan x=h/¡Ì3h
    tan x=1/¡Ì3
    tan x=30¡ã
    the angle of elevation is 30¡ã

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