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Appendix B

Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question.

1. What are the primary roles of media delivering news to the public?

2. What is the significance of immediate news media delivery on culture?

3. What are the social responsibilities of news media?

4. What are important ethical and legal considerations in the online world?

5. Describe the importance of ethical and legal compliance in online interactions.

6. What are the various information delivery methods to audiences?

7. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of modern media delivery?

8. Explain the effect of relationships among TV, movies, and electronic games and culture.

9. How is culture reflected in movies and television?

10. Describe the relationship between television and movies and culture.

11. Explain the effect of electronic games on culture.

12. What are some of the most influential and important games released to the general public within the last few years? Why are they important?

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