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If possible, could a math tutor check the math post question that "daylo3" asked at 6:42 pm today, that I answered?

I don't usually answer posts that I am not 100% sure of the answer.

I would like to know if the way I approached this problem is correct?

Thanks in advance for taking time to do this.

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    I agree with your approach.

    The fact that the two given ratios are different (112/85≠238/175) means that the linear function does not pass through origin.

    However, the -$7 casts some doubts, since items with C<$17.5 will be sold at a loss. Probably the question was not well designed. It would be more logical to add a dollar or two to the cost to account for ticketing, handling and overhead, instead of subtract a constant amount.

    By the way, we appreciate your help and the good quality of answers.

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    Thanks so much MathMate!!

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