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A weight of 30.0 N is suspended from a spring that has a force constant of 180 N/m. The system is undamped and is subjected to a harmonic driving force of frequency 11.0 Hz, resulting in a forced-motion amplitude of 5.00 cm. Determine the maximum value of the driving force.


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    Get the natural frequency of the system

    wo = sqrt (k/m)
    m = 30N/g = 3.06 kg
    wo= 7.67 rad/s

    The forced vibration frequency is
    w = 2*pi*f = 17.28 rad/s

    For oscillations of this type, without damping, the amplitude A is related to the force amplitude F by

    A = F/[k(1 - (w/wo)^2)]
    = -0.245 F/m

    You should do some reading on the subject of resonance to confirm the above formula.

    Substitute 0.05m for A and solve for F

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