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English Grammar

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Correct the incorrect verb form. Write the correct verb form in the space provided. Identify any sentence as correct.

Bob speeded up his car when he saw the light turn yellow.

would this be correct or would it be sped?

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    Both are correct, but speeded sounds better to me.

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    Mary snuck out of her room as soon as her parents went to sleep.

    would this be correct?

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    sneaked, not "snuck"

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    Yes, it's correct. You could also say "Mary sneaked . . ."

    As you can see in this dictionary entry, both sneaked and snuck are correct forms of the past tense.

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    Boy! How's that for letting slang take over??!! I guess we can expect "drug" to become a new past tense form for "drag"!!

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    I checked my 30-year-old Webster's Third New International Dictionary (Unabridged) and it states that "snuck" is dialectical.

    This is a great example of our ever-changing language.

    Check the interesting usage note in this dictionary.

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