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If a fish can swim short distances at 48km/h, how long would the fish take to reach a smaller fish that is 3m away?

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    3/48000=1/16000 h

    1h=3600 sec

    (1/16000)*3600=3600/16000= 0.225 sec

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    48 sec

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    first convert km to miles. km times 1.609
    48 km is 29.83 miles rounded off.
    So, 48km/hr is the same as 29.83mi/hr.
    Divide 29.83 mi/hr by 60 to find mile per minute.
    29.83¡À60 = .4971 which can be rounded of the .50 mile per minute.
    That is ¨ö mile per minute. Small fish is 3 miles away. So divide distance by rate: 3¡À¨ö which becomes 3• 2/1 = 6 minutes.
    The answer is 6 minutes.

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