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what is the formula to calculate the following:
how much force is needed to move a 10 pound block 10 feet in 8 seconds>

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    Assuming there is no friction, proceed as follows.

    The mass of the block is
    M = W/g = 10/32.2 = 0.3106 slugs

    Mass must be measured in slugs if you want the force in pounds, using Newton's second law.

    The final velocity will have to be
    2*10 ft/8 s = 2.5 ft/s to move 10 feet in 8 seconds. (The average velocity is half that, 1.25 ft/s)

    The acceleration is
    a = (2.5 ft/s)/8s = 0.3125 ft/s^2

    Now use F = M a, with the mass M in slugs.

    F = 0.097 pounds force

    Look at it this way: You are accelerating the mass at about 1/100 g, so you need a force equal to only about 1/100 of the weight.

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