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A 0.75 L bottle is cleaned, dried, and closed in a room where the air is 20°C and 42% relative humidity (that is, the water vapor in the air is 0.42 of the equilibrium vapor pressure at 20°C). The bottle is brought outside and stored at 0.0°C. (See Table 5.2)
(a) What mass of water condenses inside the bottle?

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    We don't have table 5.2. Water at 20C has a vapor pressure of 17.4 mm Hg. R.H. = vapor pressure/17.4 so you can use that to calculate pressure and use PV = nRT to determine the moles H2O. I assume table 5.2 will give you the vapor pressure of water at 0C. Use that pressure and PV = nRT to determine moles at OC. Convert each value for moles to grams and subtract to find the amount of water condensed. Check my thinking.

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