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Physics I NEED HELP!!!

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of 0.13 kg is attached to a string with a length of 0.95 m. we choose the potential energy to be zero when the string makes an angle of 90 degrees with the vertical.
(a) find the potential energy of this system when the string makes an angle of 45 degrees with the vertical.

(b) is the magnitude of the change in potential energy from an angle of 90 degrees to 45 degrees greater than, less than, or the same as the magnitude of the change from 45 degrees to 0 degrees? Explain

(c) calculate the potential energy of the system when the string is vertical.

*please list all steps

  • Physics I NEED HELP!!! -

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    Potential energy in this case will be
    M g Y, where Y is the vertical distance below the reference position

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