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(a) Assuming that each cubic centimeter of water has a mass of exactly 1 g, find the mass of 3.76 cubic meter of water in kg. (b) Suppose that it takes 10.4 hours to drain a container of 59.1 m^3 of water. What is the “mass flow rate,” in kg/s, of water from the container?

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    a. 3.76m^3*10^-6cm^3/m^3 = 3.76*10^-6cm^3.

    1g = (1/1000)kg = 10^-3kg.

    Mass = 10^-3kg/cm^3 * 3.76^10^-6cm^3 = 3.76*10^-9kg.

    b. Rate = 59.1m^3 / 10.4h = 5.68m^3/h.

    5.68m^3 * 10^-9kg/m^3 = 5.68*10^-9kg.

    Rate = 5.68*10^-9kg/h * (1/3600)h/s = 1.58*10^-12kg/s.

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