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Please help me by translating the following french terms into english:
1) le litchi
2)le bonbon
3)le ragout
5)les accras
6)les matoutous
7)le blaff
8) le feroce
9)le lambi

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    That is not HELPING but DOING. I will provide some French--->English dictionaries. That is HELP. By learning to use a dictionary, you will learn a very valuable tool.

    Feel free, after you have been able to DO the work, to repost and I'll be only too glad to proofread it for you!

    Save the ones you like:




    There are many more dictionaries online but these 3 are good. With the beautiful name you have, you will want to learn French well!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    These are terms of West Indies cuisine, not to be found in any dictionary. Most have no translation in English.

    1) le litchi = lychee (fruit native to China, called "Christmas fruit" in Reunion island.)
    2)le bonbon
    3)le ragout = stew (a dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly in liquid in a closed dish or pan)
    4)l'epice = spice
    5)accra = accra (A Caribbean dish of salt cod fritters, often served as an hors d'oeuvre. Also known as stamp-and-go.)
    6)matoutou = matoutou (Caribbean dish made with crab)
    7)le blaff = blaff (A West Indian stew consisting of fish or occasionally pork)
    8) le feroce =Avocado feroce ( FĂ©roce d'avocat), a recipe from the French West Indies - Spicy Avocado and Cod Balls
    9)le lambi queen conch

    Bonbon and ragout, (respectively sweet and stew) may have other specific meanings in different parts of the world.
    Hope it helps

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