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Chemistry; Please help

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Write formulas for the following.
1. potassium hexacyanoferrate(III)
2. sodium hexafluoroaluminate
3. Pentaaquabromomanganese(III) sulfate
4. hexaamminechromium(III) nitrate
5. sodium tetrahydroxochromate(III)
6.trans-dichlorobis(ethylenediamine)cobalt (III) chloride
7.hexaammineruthenium(III) tetrachloronickelate(II)
8.tetraamminecopper(II) pentacyanohydroxoferrate(III)
9. potassium diaquatetrabromovanadate(III)
10.diamminezinc iodide

  • Chemistry; Please help -

    well the first one is K3[Fe(CN)6] T_T i'm looking for it too T.T

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