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Boston is 200 mi away from NY. It takes me 1 hour less to drive to Boston when I drive 10 mi faster than my normal rate. What is my normal rate?

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    Please see your 1st post for an answer.

    And, please don't repost a question without first checking to see if your original post was answered.

    Please have patience. The tutors volunteer their time to help you.

    Sometimes it takes awhile for a post to be answered. You have posted this same question 3 times on this page alone.

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    Thank you. :)

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    can u also solve it as 200/x -1 = 200/x+10? I got 40 mi/hr

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    How did you get 40 from that?

    Do you mean
    200/(x - 1) = 200/(x + 10)
    cross multiply
    200(x + 10) = 200(x - 1)
    200x + 2000 = 200x - 200

    NO solution to this

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