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Posted by christy on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 1:10pm.

Students who do their homework on a regular basis have grades higher than students who don’t do homework. When students do not do their homework they fall behind in the class and eventually receive a zero on that paper, this results in dropping their grade for that class. By doing homework every day it shows the instruction that you are trying your best to learn in that class. Homework counts for 15% of your overall average, am pretty sure no one can afford to lose that by not doing your homework. By doing homework it keeps you up to date with what you are studying at that time. A recent studied showed that students that did homework where more likely to average a B average than students who did not do home work. 1. Highlight any words that have been used incorrectly. Type the correct word after the incorrect word.
2. Change each verb to a more vivid, descriptive verb. You may not leave any of the verbs the same as your initial assignment submission.
3. Highlight each comma, label it as used correctly or used incorrectly, and then explain why it is either correct or incorrect.
can some check my paper to see if I got it correct

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