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Posted by mysterychicken on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 6:43pm.

2. Miniature painting continued into the Romanesque period. These paintings were found
a. on the top of columns
b. in churches
c. in religious manuscripts
d. monasteries

4. Which of the following artists used small flat planes of colors to compose a look that was three dimensional?
a. Picasso
b. Cezanne
c. van Gogh
d. Monet

7. Which of the following artists created a portrayal of shepherds in a fifteenth-century nativity painting that caused great excitement in the art world?
a. Van der Goes
b. Van Eyck
c. Van der Wyden
d. Velazquez

20. Which of the following symbolized the aristocratic lifestyle and the emblematic nickname of King Louis XIV?
a. The Palace at Versailles
b. Saint Paul's Cathedral
c. Notre Dame Cathedral
d. Mont Sainte-Victoire


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