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after diving 93m below sea level, a diver rises at a rate of 6 meters per minute for 8 minutes. where is the diver in relation to the surface?

i can't figure this one out
72 + 93= 165
but this still doesn't look right at all!!!!!!!!

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    Nope, it isn't right.

    To begin, 6 times 8 = 42

    Visualize the diver going down 93 meters.

    Then he comes back up 42 meters.

    You can't add these together. What do you think you should do with these numbers?

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    Hi Ms.Sue,

    I would subtract 93-42= 50

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    Oops -- neither one of us checked MY math. I had a typo in my multiplication.

    6 * 8 = 48

    93 - 48 = 45 meters below the surface

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    lol I came back just now to type about that.
    also this problem has me lost

    rewrite the division as a multiplication
    -22/24= 22x?
    and it states not to simplify write it as a fraction?
    I have no clue but I tried this 1 1/22?

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