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Posted by Arian on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 4:44pm.

1. From data below, calculate the total heat (in J) associated with the conversion of 0.514 mol ethanol gas (C2H6O) at 451C and 1 atm to liquid ethanol at 25.0C and 1 atm. (Pay attention to the sign of the heat.)
Boiling point at 1 atm 78.5C
cgas 1.43 J/gC
cliquid 2.45 J/gC
Hvap 40.5 kJ/mol

2. A 0.75 L bottle is cleaned, dried, and closed in a room where the air is 20C and 42% relative humidity (that is, the water vapor in the air is 0.42 of the equilibrium vapor pressure at 20C). The bottle is brought outside and stored at 0.0C.
What mass of water condenses inside the bottle?

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