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For science class, we had to do a lab that involved parachuting eggs off a third floor window of our school. This lab would help us learn the forces of gravity, friction, and air resistence. We were supposed to construct a parachute that would make our egg land safely. After we did the experiment, we had to answer a few questions in response. I only have a problem with two of the questions assigned. It is: Give a specific example when friction would be harmful/not helpful; & Is friction always a "bad" force? Explain.
I know already that the friction is acting upon the air resistence and the parachute, and if in the air long enough, it will reach terminal velocity because the gravity and air resistence become even. I just don't understand when friction becomes a "bad" force, because it slows the egg down, which can be considered a good thing. Could someone please explain this to me?

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