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VWXYZ is a rectangle-based pyramid where WX = 66 cm and XY = 32 cm. The vertex is vertically above the center of the base. GIven that the slant heights of VA and VB are 56 cm and 63 cm respectively, find the total surfact area of the pyramid. Additionally, find the height and volume of the pyramid.

I don't know how to find the surface area, which height should I use to find the triangular faces in the pyramid? Thank you so much for any help you give me! :)

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    hey tills, i think its like this k? im unsure though.....:
    SA: (66x32)+ 2(1/2x63x32)+ 2(1/2x56x66):7824cm3
    make a right triangle with 63 as the hypotemuse and 33 as the base. find the height from there then find the volume. to check its 3V/1024(this is 32x66)k? :)

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH cathyy! :) this solution really helped me!

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