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The number N, in millions, of hearing impaired individuals of age x can be approximated by:
N = -0.00006x^3 + 0.006x^2 - 0.1x + 1.5
Approximate to the nearest million the number of hearing impaired individuals of ages 45 - 70.

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    Because x is a discrete variable,as in 45,46, 47, ... it cannot be integrated by continous integration. But numerical methods can be used. I don't know if you have done that. I also assume you are not using the program MATHLAB.

    So, I hate to tell you to add up all the N for x=45,46,47, ...

    I did it on a numerical integration and got 99 million. Here you do it, and in that web page paste this in the formula

    formula: -.00006*x^3 + .006*x^2 - .1*x+1.5
    left endpoint; 45
    right enpoint: 70
    number of partitions: 25 ie, (70-45)

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