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english.. can u tell me if my answers are right

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1)c 2)c 3)c 4)c .. k this looks ridiculous but i think the answers are all C !!! please check!!!

1) At the end of the poem(song of myself number 52), the speaker a.proclaims his love to democracy b. encourages us to read more of his poems c. reaffirms his link to the reader d. makes ironic comments about his own work

2) in song of myself, whitman's theme is best demonstrated by a.the "last scud of day holds back for me" b.the "spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me c. "look for me under you boot-soles" d. "coaxes me to the vapor an the dusk"

3) When the speaker in song of myself, number 33, writes that agonies are "change of garents", he means that a. he want to sufer so that happiness will be more meanigfull b. he cannot decide on his role in life c. he identifies deeply with others and takes on their emotions d. agony is a superficial emotion

4)number 10 and number 33 of song of myself are united by the a. strong sense of rhyme b. repeated phrases c. use of alliteration d. common themes

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