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Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you.

1)When you go to the supermarket, you insert a 50-cent coin into the trolley and you get in (how can I express this)
2)You put the things you need in the trolley.
3)I usually go to the counter of sliced meats and salami first. You need to get a ticket and wait for your turn (??).
4) Then I get the fruit and vegetable sorts I need. They are packed in bags or nets. Finally, I go to the checkout counter (or cash desk?) and I pay for the goods.
5) I need to buy 100 gr of cooked ham, 200 gr of raw ham, two chicken breasts, a packet of sugar, two packets of crisps, frozen vegetable soup, a tub of chocolate ice-cream, a bag of lettuce, a cutlet of horse meat.
a half-litre bottle of whole/semi-skimmed milk and a six pack of water (I want to say six bottles of still water) and a family pack of buiscuits.
6) On my street there is a baker's and a dry-cleaner.
I take keyboard and piano lessons at a music school. I also sing in a choir.

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    1) you enter? get into what or where?

    4) the fruits and vegetables I need

    6) if you use the possessive "baker's" I'd say "dry-cleaner's" as well


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