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There are 51 students in a certain class. The number of females is 5 less than 3 times the number of males. find the number of females and the number of males in the class.

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    Find three consecutive integers such that the sum of the smallest and largest integer is equal to twice the middle number

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    number of males --- x
    number of females --- 3x-5

    Can you form the equation from here and solve it?

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    Please do not post a new question as a reply to somebody else's problem.
    Tutors might think it has been answered and not look at it.

    I will set it up for you...

    1st integer ---- x
    2nd integer ----x+1
    3rd integer ----x + 2

    "smallest plus largest equals twice the middle"
    x + (x+2) = 2(x+1)


    ahhh, glancing at this equation it is obvious that you will get
    that means that it will be true for all consecutive even integers.
    e.g. let's try 4,5,6
    is 4+6 = 2(5) ? YES

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