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Posted by Rania on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 9:58pm.

Sagal works as a DJ at a local radio station.On occasion, she chooses some of the songs she will play based on the phone-in requests recieved by the switchboard the previous day. Sagal's list of 200 possible selections includes

a)100 songs in the top 100
b)134 hard-rock songs
c)50 phone-in requests
d)45 hard-rock songs in the top 100
e)20 phone-in requests in the top 100
f)24 phone-in requests for hard-rock songs

use a venn diagram to determine
a)How many phone-in requests were for hard-rock songs in the top 100
b)How many of the songs in the top 100 were neither phone-in requests nor hard-rock selections.

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