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• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real.

• Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences.

• Identify all pronouns used by italicizing them.

• Bold each adverb.

• Underline each adjective.

• Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three comparatives and three superlatives.

My dad added me as an extra card holder on his credit cards. I was very excited that I could purchase products now and pay for them later. I didn’t realize how much money I was spending. He came over to my house recently, instantly I realized that he was frowning, and I knew by the envelope he held that it was bothering him. "Is everything on here yours," He asked pointing at our credit card statement in reference to how much money I had spent. I was embarrassed I couldn’t look up and look her in the eyes. He asked again I looked up, his eyes meet mine, and I couldn't think of anything to say. The debt was all mines, and I have to find a way to be responsible and pay everything off so he will trust me again. I used the money that I saved by not paying up front and paid the bill. Now I only use the credit card when needed. I pay cash if I have it and I analyze if I really need it before I use credit.

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    Have you identified the comparatives and superlatives?

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    What are the adjectives?

    What are the adverbs?

    What is the similar experience?

    What are the superlatives and comparatives?

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    i don't know that's why i need help i wrote it but i have trouble identifing all that

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    j or mika or whoever,

    You're still guessing.

    And why are you posting the same paragraph in two posts under two names?

    I did the first two sentences for you in your posts below. It's your turn to try your hand at the next two sentences -- without guessing.

    Study here:



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    Adjectives describe or modify nouns and pronouns. They tell which, what kind of or how many about the word they describe.

    In your first sentence, "extra" is an adjective because it tells which about "credit card." In the second sentence, "excited" is an adjective telling what kind of about I.

    Adverbs describe or modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. They tell when, where, how, to what extent. In your second sentence, you have two adverbs. "Very" describes the adjective "excited," and tells how. "Later" is also an adverb, telling when about the verb "pay."

    What other adjectives and adverbs can you find?

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    i double checked so it should be right

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