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Posted by jessica on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 3:21pm.

this is what my lab report looks like (minus the graph of the first part)

im stuck on part II

A. unknown 1
melting point range (uncorr) 50.0-53.0
melting point range (corr) 50.2-53.2 (because of graph from part 1 of experiment)
melting point average 51.7

b unknown 2
melting point range (uncorr) 65.0-67.0
melting point range (corr) 65.6-67.6 (because of graph from part 1 of experiment)
melting point average 66.6

mix melting point range of unknown 2 with

compount mp range
benzhydrol 65.0-67.0
phenylbenzoate 63.0-70.0
bephenyl 67.0-69.0

unknown 2 is benshydrol

include your calibration curve with this report. after the calibration curve is returned to you, tape it in your lab notebook

how do I do this???

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