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A mass is oscillating on the end of a spring. The distance, y, of the mass from its equilibrium point is given by the formula 2zcos(14πwt) where y is in centimeters, t is time in seconds, w and t and are positive constants.

What is the furthest distance (cm) of the mass from its equilibrium point?

How many oscillations are completed in 1 second?

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    Hey Stephanie.. if I'm understanding correctly there's a typo, and you actually meant 'w and z are positive constants'?

    a) Hint: Look at a picture of a cosine graph and see what value of '14*pi*w*t' maximizes the value

    b) Hint: When is 2zcos(14piwt) equal to zero?

    If this doesn't help show me your work so far and I'll lend a hand!

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