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chemistry garde 11

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plases help me.... im really stuck in this question... i have no clue how to do it... please help me

oxygen gas generated in the thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate in water. the total pressure of this system was measured to be 762 mmHg and the pressure of water was 22 mmHg. calculate the mass of oxygen gas when 24 degree Celsius and 0.128L of potassium chlorate was used?

2KClO₃ --> 2KCL+ 3O₂


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    I can see where you could be confused. I am confused after reading the problem, also. KClO3 is a SOLID, and it is measured in grams and not L (as in 0.128 L). Could that be grams?
    Here is a worked example of KClO3 decomposition to yield oxygen gas AT any condition. But the way your problem is stated, if that is 0.128 g KClO3 and you want to know the grams oxygen, then total pressure, pressure of water, and temperature are extraneous pieces of information. Check to see exactly how your problem reads and post a clarification if necessary.

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    ye in th question is said litres.

  • chemistry garde 11 -

    In which case I don't know what 0.128 L KClO3 means; therefore, I can't help. Perhaps another tutor can figure it out.

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