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how much sodium chloride and how much water would you need to prepared a 5.00kg of an aqueous solution that is 10.0% NaCl by mass?

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    %NaCl = (mass NaCl/100 g soln)*100
    (x g NaCl/5,000 g soln)*100 = 10
    Solve for x.

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    I suppose I answered only half the question. I solved for x to obtain 500 g NaCl but you need to confirm that.
    Then 5,000 g H2O - 500 g NaCl = 4.5 kg.

    Check it to make sure that's a 1-% solution.
    (500 g NaCl/4500 gH2O+500 gNaCl)*100 = ??%
    (500/5,000)*100 = (50000/5000) = 10%
    check out. Check me out on that.

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