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A rectangular box with a square base contains 24 cubic feet. if the height of the box is 18 inches, how many feet ae there in each side of the base?
a. 4
b. 2
c. (2 square root of 3)/3
d. square root of 3 / 2
e. square root of 3

  • geometry -

    V = Lwh
    the volume (given) = 24 ft^3
    the height (given) = 18" = 1.5'

    24 = L*w*1.5
    divide both sides by 1.5
    16 = Lw

    You need to find the number of feet in each side of the base
    since the box has a square base
    L = W
    AND, found above, L*w = 16

    which of the above answers, a, b, c or d, when multiplied by itself, equals 16?

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