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4th grade

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i need help solveing crossword puzzle

  • 4th grade -

    this is not math question this is english subject

  • 4th grade -

    you have to post the question you need help with

  • 4th grade English -

    Please post two of your clues and the number of letters in each word. I'll try to help you if you post your question in the next 20 minutes.

  • 4th grade -

    ok use audi,audit = hear, listen

    2. an examined and verified account
    4. that is heard or that can be heard
    5. a tryout
    6. the sense of hearing
    7 a large building for public meetings or performances
    8. a tape recording of sound
    9. both audible and visual

    1. the act of hearing or attending
    3. impossible to hear
    4. able to be heard
    5. a way of learning language by listening and speaking

    this is all crossword puzzle and i need help thankyou

  • 4th grade -

    I'll get you started. Then you're on your own.

    2. audit
    5. audition
    9. audio-visual

    1. auditory
    5. oral-aural

  • 4th grade -

    which is i say they are say in paper latin bases audi, audit = hear,listen what is this mean i have to use this

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