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Hi I have some questions and I would really if you answer my questions! I want to be Nurse Practitioner and I am very passion about it. But I have a lot of problems. First English is not my native language, second I am not good at math, third I am kind intimidated by the native English speakers as i think they are way smart than me. I never had education in my country and started for the first time going to school in America. That's why I think they are smarter than. Please help me how can I become good at math, biology etc.

Are theres books or websites that will teach me the basics of science.

How long does it take to become a Nurse Practitioner besides the two years of generals. Isnt hard to becomeNurse Practitioner. Please tell me how an individual like me become better at science and I am willing to work hard as I am very passion about this. Its just that I am intimidated I feel dumb and think my classmates will be better than me. Please help me! Thank you and I apperciate it.

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    First, others are not smarter than you! You speak two languages fluently. Most Americans can only speak one language -- and some of them speak English badly.

    You could find books and websites that will teach you the basics of science. But I urge you to contact a local junior college to find out just what you need to do to become a nurse practioner. You can take basic science courses there. At the same time, you'll become more confident of your English language skills.

    Good luck! We need people like you!

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