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Does Kv2SOv4, Kv2COv3 or KCv2Hv3Ov2 create the greatest increase in pH when mixed with water?

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    Your v, while interesting as a way of showing subscripts, actually is somewhat distracting. I suggest you use what everyone else does. We just type it as regular type and everyone understands what it means.
    K2SO4 is neutral, KC2H3O2 is about pH 8 or so and K2CO3 is about 10 or so assuming the same molarity of the salt.

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    Increase? Ok, that means make it more alkaline. So you are looking at anions that are basic, which means they form weak acids.
    SO4 forms a strong acid.
    CO3 forms a weak acid
    acetate forms an weak acid

    so which is the weaker acid.
    Ka acetic acid appx 10^-5
    ka carbonic acid appx 10^-7
    so,carbonic acid is the weaker.
    answer : K2CO3
    See part IV, B of this.

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