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IT Data transmission

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Can someone check this for me please..

18 MB of data are to be transmitted over a 4 megabits per second connection. How long should the complete transaction take, to the nearest 0.1s.

Size of file / data rate so,
18MB x 10^6 x 8 bits = 144,000,00

4 megabits per second = 4 x 10^6 = 4,000,000 bits per second

so the download time will be
144,000,000 / 4,000,000 = 36 seconds

my answer is 36 seconds is that right

next ,....

a 50 MB file compressed using a ratio of 10 what is the compressed file size

50MB / 10 = 5 MB

Is this correct ???

Thank you :-0)

  • IT Data transmission - ,

    on the first, yes, maybe. Normally data streams have error correcting codes built in that actully take up "useful" information space.

    yes on the second.

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