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8th grade Math

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Hi I need help with my math problem. It is:
Name the function rule from the table given.
X= Y=
-4 4
-2 2
0 0

y = -x
y = -4
y = 2x
y = x
I do not get how to solve this problem!

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    Also please do NOT tell me the answer but show me how to solve it. Thanks everybody!

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    look at the first entry in the table
    if x = - 4, y = 4

    now look at each rule
    1st rule says,
    that y = -x ( y equals the neg of x)

    2nd rule says,
    y = -4 (the value for y is -4)

    3rd rule says
    y = 2x (y is two times the value of x)

    4th rule
    y = x (y and x are the same)

    since if x = - 4, y = 4 (1st entry)
    the rule would be
    y = -x

    do you understand?

    look at the other entries in the table and see how they all follow this rule

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    I need help finding heighth of a pyramid.

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    You divide by -1

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