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Algebre=Please check

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Could someone check my answers for these two questions, please?

What is the equation of the line which includes points (2,6) and (0,0)
y = -3x+1
y = -3x
y=3x ( my answer)
y = 3x+1

Equation of line with slope m = -3 and including point (5,) is y = - 3x+20

I think its true when I worked it out
I figured out the slope and put in the points
y-5 = - 3(x-5)
y = -3x + 15
y = -3x + 15 + 5
y = -3x + 20

Thank you

  • Algebre=Please check -

    1st one is correct

    2nd one - including point ?, you are missing part of the point

    repost and I'll check

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