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Homework Help: CSI 115 Logic And Design

Posted by Preston on Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 3:37pm.

Hi I know you have got this same question ask to you a lot, but mine is for week 2 unstead of week 1. This week they want me to come up with and Create the Modular Design for the same subject as week 1, example underneath please.

A small startup software developer company needs to create a program that will calculate the pay of its employees. For the first version of the program, the company wants the program to accept an employee’s name, the number of hours the employee worked, and the hourly pay rate. The program will then calculate the gross pay, and display the employee’s name, number of hours worked, pay rate, and gross pay.

Using the design that you designed for Week 1, modify your design so that the following are done in separate modules:

1. Opening Message
2. Prompting and retrieving the input
3. Calculation for the total pay
4. Displaying the output
5. Program Termination

Create the pseudocode for each of the modules and the main module.

Here is my week one psuedocode.

//declare the variables and their respective data types
Declare String nameOfEmployee
Declare Real hoursWorked
Declare Real hourlyPayRate
Declare Real grossPay

//provide welcome statement and simple directions: enter values when prompted
Display “Welcome to the Pay Calculator”
Display “Enter the requested values to calculate the gross pay for an employee”

//get the input
Display “Please enter the employee Name”
Input employeeName
Display “Please enter the hours Worked”
Input hoursWorked
Display “Please enter the hourly pay rate”
Input payRate

//calculate the gross Pay
Set grossPay=hourlyPayRate * hoursWorked

//display the output
Display “The gross pay is“, employeeName, “is:”
Display “Hours worked:“, hoursWorked
Display “Hourly pay rate:“, hourlyPayRate
Display “Gross Pay:“, grossPay

//display termination message
Display “Thank you for using Pay Calculator”
Display “Enter any key to quit”

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