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Posted by Jim on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 9:49pm.

Ok, below is a paragraph from a movie review I picked out. I have to identify 5 adverbs and 5 adjectives. I am a bit lost with the adverbs. This is what I identified so far. I know adverbs tell how, where, when, how often and why something happens, but I am not seeing them. Thanks for any input.

Battle sequence design was a little sleepy, and although the introductory "big"(adjective) battle scenes involving soldiers of the Crusade were "plentiful"(adjective), it didn't go beyond the usual slash-parry- stab-wash-rinse-repeat cycle coupled with "cheesy"(adjective) dialogue exchange between Behman and Felson that try to pass off as comedy. There's an "awfully"(Adverb) long and "painfully"(Adverb) executed crossing of a "creaky"(adjective) bridge that doesn't seem to want to end, but otherwise passable CG was employed in an attack of wolves, and the money shot in the final battle where all hell breaks loose "in" (Adverb) the monastery with "grotesque"(adjective) looking winged beasts and the expected big boss to fight in an all out melee done arcade style."

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